• Does Duke's Commercial Recycling recycle metal?

    We recycle metal. We can haul it away, but we do not pay for scrap metal.

  • Can I drop off my recycling at Duke's Commercial Recycling?

    Yes, we accept clean, separated material for a small fee. Please call ahead for drop-offs.

  • Can I sell cardboard bales to Duke's Commercial Recycling?

    Duke’s Commercial Recycling buys cardboard bales. We will pay you the same day. Pricing fluctuates based on market value. We can pick them up or you can drop them off. We will need to inspect them ahead of time for quality control to make sure they fit our standards.

  • Are you open on weekends?

    We are closed, but our sister store, Duke’s Junk Recycling, is open.

  • Do you do residential recycling?

    We strictly do commercial. Please contact Duke’s Junk Recycling for residential needs.

  • What about electronics?

    We recycle most electronics (e-waste). However, we will not accept tube televisions.

  • Do you do wood hauls?