Types of Material We Recycle

styrofoam recycling in austin texas provided by Duke's Commercial Recycling

Styrofoam Recycling

Using the most advanced technology and machinery, Hometown Recycling can recycle expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, commonly known as Styrofoam. Recycling EPS is less expensive than landfill disposal. We accept pure, white EPS.

cardboard recycling in austin for businesses including both pickup and dropoff services

Cardboard Recycling

Designed to meet the specific needs of our partners, Hometown Recycling provides custom corrugated cardboard recycling in Austin. We accept all types of cardboard including boxes of all shapes and sizes as well as cardboard bales. We do not accept waxed cardboard. Please be sure to break down your boxes whenever possible, and always remove any contents. Bales will have to be inspected for size and quality before acceptance.

commercial paper recycling for businesses in austin texas

Paper Recycling

We accept office paper, newspaper, art paper, blueprints and other paper remnants. All colors, shapes and sizes are accepted.

large bales of plastic stacked up to be recycled

Plastic Recycling

At Hometown Recycling, recycling plastics is a cost effective alternative to landfill disposal fees. Materials we accept include, but are not limited to, LDPE (shrink wrap and bubble wrap), and Polyurethane (soft foam).

large bales of cardboard stacked up to be processed

Large Quantities

Hometown Recycling can be your recycling broker. Call us to sell your material by the ton. Once you have enough material baled, an 18 wheeler can haul off your cardboard to be recycled. Normally, companies who need this service produce high volume very quickly. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing or renting a baler.

plastic pellets in the shape of a recycling symbol

Other Materials

Is your material not on our list? We find homes for unique items and materials. Charcoal, 5 gallon buckets, and ice packs are all items we have found new homes for our customers. We will do what it takes to not let it go in the landfill!